The Inimitable Genius of Simon Kissel Viprinet Explained

Simon Kissel of Viprinet VPN fame recently came up with a way to make your Internet faster even if you're from a third-world country where the Internet is naturally slow. Learning from the benefits of VPN, Kissel can speed up Internet speeds by distributing the risk of line failure over an entire range of different connections. It's only natural to expect such greatness from Simon Kissel Viprinet. Like with VPN, the range of connections are conglomerated through a virtual standby so as to ensure that there's always a way for a connection to flow regardless of the slowness from one end to another. It won't necessarily result in South Korean levels of Internet speeds, but it does improve connections by leaps and bounds through decentralized structures.

Faster, Better, and Stronger Connections

• The main appeal of Viprinet VPN and routers is that they provide the strongest of connections unlike other VPNs that claim to increase computer speed by caching web content in advance from regularly visited websites but end up decreasing them due to how poor their connections are, especially in places that have poor Internet connection to begin with. It's the same reason why online routers are notoriously slow.

• While an onion router like the Tor Browser ensures your anonymity by stacking one VPN or proxy on top of another, the stacks will only cause you slowdown when all is said and done, even if you have the fastest of Internet connections (like if you’re in South Korea or Japan). This isn’t the case with Viprinet tech. This is why as the company expanded, they’ve moved into a former wine-trading company's building and filled the entire area out to accommodate their staff and crew.

• They're reaching (if they haven't already reached) critical mass and international-level acclaim, turning them into a multinational company of sorts (especially since by the end of 2014, Viprinet has already gotten a bran in Silicon Valley in America, with them employing 55 companies in that location and in Viprinet headquarters in Germany. Most importantly, Viprinet has Kissel, who is never one to rest on his laurels or past accomplishments.

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