Casino Malaysia: The Basics of Blackjack

Blackjack is the most common form of casino game available in conventional and online casinos. This game, also called ‘21’ in other countries originally came from the United States. The difference of Blackjack in other casino games is the opponent which happens to be the casino dealer. To win in a Blackjack game, you must have a total score higher than the dealer but without exceeding 21 points. Learn more about online casino Malaysia on this site.


Blackjack is played with the traditional 52-card deck. In casino Malaysia, blackjack is played on a special table where eight players can sit. The table has a playing desk for each player where they can put their cards and bets. Moreover, betting limits are usually posted on the special table so the players know how many bets they can place. In traditional casinos, chips are bought from the dealer and used to place bets. Casino chips have different denominations based on their color.


Each player in the table has a designated area to place their bets. In a blackjack game, there will be a minimum and maximum bet set by the casino. Furthermore, a player must bet before the opponent deals the cards. The bet will be taken by the casino dealer if you lose but you can win as much as you bet if ever you win. Moreover, it will be called as a ‘push’ if the game is a draw. A special type of winning in a Blackjack game is called ‘natural’ where the player wins 1.5 times the bet.


If ever the dealer loses in a Blackjack game, the winner/s in the table will be based on the score obtained in the game. The players with scores higher than the dealer will win. For a player who has the same score as the dealer, the game is a draw and the player neither wins nor loses.

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